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For EMPA-KIDNEY to be able to give reliable results, it is important that people stay in the study and take their study pill every day for about 3-4 years, wherever possible.

The study needs to be this long so it is a definitive test of the effects of the pills on kidney disease which can take years to progress. The results of the study could have a major impact on how kidney patients around the world are treated.

By joining the study, we are asking participants to attend the study clinic 3 times in the first 6 months, and then attend every 6 months after that.

At each study appointment, a trained researcher (usually a nurse) will ask about participants' health and provide a new supply of study pills. A blood sample will be taken to monitor the kidneys and other effects of the study pills.

At a small number of visits, we will also ask participants to provide a urine sample.

With permission, we would also like to store left over blood and urine for future scientific research, including tests on genes. This part of the study is optional, so a person can still participate in the study if they do not want their left over blood and urine stored long-term.