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Principal Investigators

DM, MRCP Richard Haynes - Professor of Renal Medicine and Clinical Trials

Richard Haynes

Professor of Renal Medicine and Clinical Trials

Honorary Consultant Nephrologist

Will Herrington

Will Herrington

Professor of Trials and Epidemiology of Kidney Disease

Honorary Consultant Nephrologist

PhD FRCPath MRCP David Preiss - Associate Professor

David Preiss

Associate Professor

steering committee co-chairs

Colin Baigent

Colin Baigent

Professor of Epidemiology

FMedSci Martin Landray - Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology

Sir Martin Landray

Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology


Jon Emberson

Jon Emberson

Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

Natalie Staplin

Natalie Staplin

Associate Professor

MRC PHRU Senior Statistician



Parminder Judge

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Emily Sammons.png

Emily Sammons

Lead Safety Officer

MRC PHRU Research Fellow

Doreen Zhu

Doreen Zhu

Clinical Research Fellow

Sarah Ng.png

Sarah Ng

Clinical Research Fellow

Kaitlin Mayne.jpg

Kaitlin Mayne

Clinical Research Fellow

The Central Co-ordinating Office (CCO) team in Mar 2020

EMPA-KIDNEY Oxford team photo 2020-03-09.jpg

Central co-ordinating OFFICE TRIAL STAFF

Senior Trial Managers: Rejive Dayanandan & Liz Wincott

Trial Managers:  Cristina Badin, Mo Gray, Emily Harding (US & Canada), Ryonfa Lee and Aikiko Omata (Germany & Japan), John Nolan, Michelle Nunn, YanRu Qiao (UK), Qin Yan, Kelly Yu (China & Malaysia)

2018-2020: Lucy Fletcher (Canada & USA), Richard Brown (Germany)

2019-2021: Akiko Hashimoto

2018-2021: Shraddha Shah

Trial Administrators: Sue Hurley, Julia Heineman, Lyn Howie, Alison Timadjer, Monique Willett

2018-2019: Patricia Achiri

Statistics: Rebecca Sardell

Central co-ordinating OFFICE training and monitoring team

Trial Master File

TMF Managers: Hannah Gosling, Chrissie Ambrose

TMF Administrator: Bridget Henderson

developMENT TEAM

Developers: Rach AitSadi, Alex Baxter, Rosie Cretney, Lukasz Danel, Sonja Grotjahn, Rijo Kurian, Mike Lay, Archie Maskill, Ola Murawska, Rachel Raff, Allen Young

Laboratory Programmers: Mark Caple

Testing: Bob Goodenough (Lead), Angela Field, Guanguo Cui, Charles Daniels, Ashley Lawson, Youcef Mostefai, Dheeptha Radhakrishnan, Samee Syed, Shuang Xia

Senior Analyst/Programmers: Will Stevens & Karl Wallendszus

Central Co-ordinating Office Laboratory Staff

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

Laboratory Scientific Director

Stewart Moffat.jpg

Stewart Moffat

Senior Laboratory Manager